Shady Grove Baptist Church

1st Quarter Business Meeting

January 9, 2022

Call to Order: 12:04 PM

Attendance: 31

Prayer by Pastor Jason Rodgers


4th Quarter Business Meeting – stand as read

Pastor Report:

● Had a good year – four (4) Baptisms and four (4) salvations

Children’s Ministry – Jeanette Rodgers:

● Going strong and thankful for church support

● Upcoming events: start of children’s choir; VBS potluck planning meeting on Jan. 30th (VBS 6/5-6/10);

children’s camp 7/25-29 at Camp Copass $300/child

Youth – Nick Alvarez

● Finishing renovations in youth room

● Attendance is down

● Gearing up for camp – have statements for money owed

● Thank you for your support and continue to pray for us

Deacon Report: none

Treasurer’s Report – Dewayne Stewart

● 2021 good year for our budget due to continued support

● Unexpected expenses in 2021: cutting down of trees and air conditioning in youth room

● Moved extra money in giving to loan payment – hoping to pay off earlier than 2031

Committee Reports

● WOM: none

● Nominating Committee moves that:

○ Shannon Brown be removed from Building and Grounds per her request and that Danny West be


○ Debbie Roon be an alternate on the ByLaws and Operations Manual Committee; and

○ Colton Tidwell be added to the Recreation Committee.

● Missions: none

● Recreation: none

● Building and Grounds: none

● Long Range Planning: none

● Finance: none

Unfinished Business: none

New Business:

● 2022 budget approved

● Would like to hire Beau Brewer as Associate Pastor of Evangelism and Discipleship with no salary –

Debbie Roon made the motion, Jill Turner seconded – Approved

● Janet Perry – when are we going to fix the sound system?

● Clay Brown stepping down as music director, will still participate in choir. He will continue till the end of

the month.

Motion to end the meeting made by Debbie Roon and seconded by Tom Lyman

Meeting adjourned: 12:29 PM

Respectfully submitted by: Brenda C. Blagg, Church Clerk