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Priority of the Word

Sermon 1 – Nehemiah 8.1-8

-Reading the Word requires attentiveness (v. 3)

-Appointed time and place (v. 4)

-Active listening requires a response (v. 6)

Pastoral Note: Preach and teach in such a way, people understand

Sermon 2 – 2 Timothy 3.10-17

-Remain faithful to the teachings of the Word (v. 14)

-God’s Word is trustworthy for life (v. 16)

-God’s Word prepares you for service (v. 17)

The 7 Churches of Revelation: Returning to the Lord

Sermon 3 – Revelation 2.1-7 The Church at Ephesus

-More than just standing against evil… (vv. 2-3)

-…but doing the work of the evangelist (c. 4)

Sermon 4 – Revelation 2.8-11 The Church at Smyrna

-Suffering for Christ may be necessary (v. 10a)

-Faithfulness in all things leads to being lifted up for Christ (v. 10b)

Sermon 5 – Revelation 2.12-17 The Church at Pergamum

-Permitting sin within the church causes harm to all (v. 14)

-Repentance of the body is necessary if God is going to use you (v. 16)

Pastoral Note: Address any divisions or disunity from the past

Sermon 6 – Revelation 2.18-29 The Church at Thyatira

-The church cannot conform to the world (vv. 20-22)

-God knows the heart (v. 23b)

Sermon 7 – Revelation 3.1-6 The Church at Sardis

-Doing good works without the Power of the Spirit is useless (vv. 1b-2)

-Focus on God’s Word (v. 3)

Sermon 8 – Revelation 3.7-13 The Church at Philadelphia

-Size does not matter, but God’s power does (v. 8)

-Remain faithful to God’s Word (v. 8)

Sermon 9 – Revelation 3.14-22 The Church at Laodicea

-Be on first for Christ (vv. 15-16)

-Acknowledge your great need of God (v. 17)

-Accept God’s discipline and live (vv. 19-20)


Listen to the Lord

Sermon 10 – 2 Chronicles 7.14

-Humble yourself before the Lord

-Pray to the Lord

-Turn from selfish ways

-Focus on the most High God

Sermon 11 – Acts 16.6-10

-Be open to God’s leading (vv. 6-9)

-Be faithful to follow through with what God leads you to do (v. 10)


Go and Do

Sermon 12 – Matthew 28.18-20; Acts 1.8

-Going requires action (v. 19)

-Doing is action (vv. 19-20)

-Teach about Jesus (vv. 19-20)


Growth of the Church

Sermon 13 – Acts 2.42-47

-When the prayers go up (v. 42)

-The power comes down (v. 43)

-The proclamation goes forth (v. 47b)