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Preaching from Shady Grove Baptist Church Senior Pastor, Jason Rodgers

May 3, 2020 Take It Outside

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Series: Senior Pastor
Date: May 14, 2020
Scriptures: Acts 3 & 4
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Take it Outside!

May 3, 2020

Has your mom or dad, grandparents… have you ever used these words, “Take it outside!”  

Peter and John were headed into the temple to pray, but outside is where the miracles were happening!  

God NEVER intended the church to be these bricks, this glass, paint, all this!  He never intended church to be Sundays at 10:45 or 11.  The church is believers.  Wherever they are, when ever they are!

Today, we need to understand this:

When the church is freed from the building, it’s empowered to see miracles, ministry and might!

I.The Holy Spirit will provide ministry opportunity vs 3-4

      • Peter and John noticed the beggar
      • Recognized his need
      • met his need
          • in a manner provided by God
          • in a way that honored God
      • Didn’t lie or make excuses why they couldn’t
      • didn’t judge
      • didn’t ignore him

II.We can reach people who may never step inside vs 2, 8-9

      • He was outside at the time of prayer instead of asking help to go in
      • those inside recognized him

III.People will see the works of God and be “filled with awe and astonishment” vs9-12a

      • the people were amazed v10
      • this resulted in another opportunity for Peter to share v11-12a
      • 4:4 about 5000 believed!

IV.These actions resulted in their persecution 4:3

      • Peter was able to share with those who arrested him too!

V.Emboldened the church! 4:23-31