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Preaching from Shady Grove Baptist Church Senior Pastor, Jason Rodgers

July 7, 2019 The Presence of Worship

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Speaker: Jason Rodgers
Series: Senior Pastor
Date: July 9, 2019
Download: July 7, 2019 The Presence of Worship
Scriptures: Exodus 33:12-23
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July 7, 2019

The Presence of Worship

Exodus 33:12-23

  1. What is worship - "Worship is declaring God's Worth"
  2. The realities of God's presence - Psalm 139:8, Matthew 18:20, 28:20

A.  The reality of God's omnipresent

B.  The reality of God's revealed presence

3.  What is needed in worship?

Moses had two requests:

A.  A hunger for God (Ex. 33:13)

B.  An encounter with God (Ex 33:18)

4.  What do we need to do?

1.  Anticipate His Revealed Presence in Worship

2.  Look for God's Hand in Worship

3.  Listen for God's Voice in Worship

4.  Open Yourself to New Manifestations of God's Presence

5.  Be Sensitive to the Leadership of God's Spirit