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Preaching from Shady Grove Baptist Church Senior Pastor, Jason Rodgers

July 21, 2019 Power of Worship

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Speaker: Jason Rodgers
Series: Senior Pastor
Date: August 7, 2019
Download: July 21, 2019 Power of Worship
Scriptures: Psalm 40:3, John 12:32
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July 21, 2019

Power of Worship

Psalm 40:3, John 12:32

  1.  The Two Elements of Worship Psalm 40:3
  • Celebration:  the vertical dimension "He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God"
  • Proclamation:  the horizontal dimension "many will see and fear and put their trust in the Lord"

2.  The Two Products of Worship

  • People far from God are drawn to Christ through worship
  • People close to God are compelled to share Christ after worship Isaiah 6:1-8, Acts 2:1-41

3.  The Tow Challenges for the Worshipper

  • Come to Celebrate
  • Tell Others About Your Experience
  • "Worship is the goal of evangelism and evangelism is the fruit of worship" -Gerrit Gustafson