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Preaching from Shady Grove Baptist Church Senior Pastor, Jason Rodgers

Foundations - Matthew 7:24-27 by Jason Rodgers

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Speaker: Jason Rodgers
Series: Senior Pastor
Date: July 10, 2018
Download: Foundations - Matthew 7:24-27 by Jason Rodgers
Scriptures: Matthew 7:24-27
Foundations Matthew 7:24-27 By:  Jason Rodgers I.  Two Foundations 1.  Sand - Anything other than Jesus and scripture 2.  Rock - Jesus and His teachings Build life on rock which is Christ. The other is sand which is anything other than Christ.  Hear and act. Hear the word and act upon the word. James 1:22-25 A. Hear the charge B.  Heed the challenge C.  Hasten to change Hear and be a doer of the word. God's word is like a mirror. Tells us what is wrong and we need to correct it. II.  Storms
  • Matthew 5:22:  Anger
  • Matthew 5:27:  Divorce
  • Matthew 5:38:  Revenge
  • Matthew 5:43:  Enemies
  • Matthew 6:19:  Finances
  • Matthew 6:25:  Anxiety and worry