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Preaching from Shady Grove Baptist Church Senior Pastor, Jason Rodgers

August 19, 2018 Private Practice

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Speaker: Jason Rodgers
Series: Senior Pastor
Date: August 20, 2018
Download: August 19, 2018 Private Practice
Scriptures: Matthew 6:1-18
Private Practice August 19, 2018 Matthew 6:1-18   Our inward righteousness, effected by the Spirit, must be evidenced by an outward expression of righteousness. That expression is for His glory...not ours. I.  Jesus presumes our practice vs. 1 Three spiritual disciplines 1.  Giving 2.  Praying 3.  Fasting II.  Practice in Private vs. 1-4 A.  Don't - Give for attention v. 1 Do - Give for intention v. 4 B.  Don't - Pray pompously v. 5 Do - Pray piously v. 6 C.  Don't - Fast for show v. 16 Do - Fast to grow vs. 17-18 III.  Don't Seek the praise of people A.  To be applauded v. 2 B.  To be seen v. 5 C.  To be obvious v. 16 IV.  Jesus Gives the preeminence  to prayer A.  Giving directs our focus outward B.  Fasting directs our focus inward C.  Praying directs our focus upward