Shady Grove Baptist Church  Finance Committee Meeting

Thursday April 12, 2018 at 7pm


Committee Members: Dottie Morris, Jill Turner, JoMae Allen, Tom Lyman, Gordon Summers, Dewayne Stewart

Others: Jason Rodgers, Cheryl Lyman, Judy Stewart


Elect Chairman

Motion: elect Dottie as Chairman of Finance & Jill as co chair.

Motion By: Gordon   Seconded By:Tom        Motion passed unanimously.


Pastor Computer Equipment (trustees sold to Jim for $300)

Motion: to require proof that the $300 was paid for the pastor computer (and components) or the computer and components must be returned to the church or have $300 withheld from Jim’s paycheck.

Motion By: Tom   Seconded By:Jill        Motion passed unanimously.


Pastor Severance Pay

Motion: to pay Jim the severance pay requested in his resignation letter. Payment will be paid over the next three pay periods.

Motion By: Gordon   Seconded By:Tom        Motion passed unanimously.


Reduce Salary of Staff

Jason asked the finance committee to reduce his salary to $13,000 and Jeanette’s salary to $14,000 per year.

Motion: to reduce the annual salaries to Jason $13,000 and Jeanette $14,000.

Motion By: Jill   Seconded By:Tom        Motion passed unanimously.


How to Reduce Cost

The budget was reviewed and suggestions were made to reduce cost. Some of the items include:

  • Eliminate ACS
  • Eliminate paying someone to enter bills
  • Renegotiate loan
  • Try to get out of copier contract & eliminate maintenance contract
  • Reduce web, email & phone cost